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Oli Sykes Imagine: Dick Breath

"I think your writing is incredibly beautiful<3! you’re a very good writer. Could you do one where one of your so-called friends is always flirting with your boyfriend oli but he avoids her every time and one day he tells you that she kissed him so you get so upset and jealous over it and the next time you see her (at a party or something) you get into a very huge fight with her and you throw your drink at her and oli tries to calm you down and get you off of her?"

thanks for submitting this was incredibly fun to write

All relationships are extremely hard to keep; its just a fact of life. There’s always going to be that fear in the back of your mind that you’re not good enough or that they’re going to find someone better than you. Of course, normal girls don’t have too much competition for them to handle. However, when you’re dating a band member as famous as Oli Sykes…there’s so much competition that it is almost impossible to not have those thoughts, even after a whole year of being with him. Dealing with fans was hard enough; but when someone who you thought was a friend started trying to get in with Oli, that’s where you put your foot down.


First off, you couldn’t even really call Darcy a friend. More like a merch girl for the band you’d hung out with whenever you went on tour with them. She kinda wiggled her way into the friend group. She was alright, you guessed, and the rest of your friends and Oli didn’t seem to mind her all that much. That was, until she decided that she was much better for Oli than you were.


You’d always catch her brushing a hand against Oli’s arm or resting her hand on his knee whenever they sat next to each other. However, to your upmost relief, Oli would always pull his arm away or create a situation in which he had to stand up and move away from her. Whenever Darcy tried to talk to him; which she always did whilst leaning on her elbow so her tits would hang out; Oli would only give her short, brief replies before giving all of his attention to you. One particular night, it got so bad that he even asked her to lean back a little, telling her that she was kind of in his personal space.



On this particular night, you’d opted out of going out drinking with the group of friends Oli and you shared; you were feeling a little sick and wanted to spend the night on tumblr instead. Oli left around nine, saying he wouldn’t be out past one. However, after about an hour or two of wasting your life on a stupid website, you heard the front door open.


With a quirked brow, you looked up from where you were sitting wrapped in the duvet from your bed on the couch. Oli walked into the living room, his faced confused and quite angry-looking.


“Did you drive home?” you asked, about to beat his ass for driving drunk.


He scowled into the near distance and shook his head as he flopped onto the couch next to you, mumbling “I didn’t drink…”


“Oh…” you said, smiling softly as you shed yourself of the duvet and wrapped your arms around Oli’s waist, resting your legs across his knees, “What’s wrong?”


Oli sighed heavily before glancing toward you and laughing ironically “God, you’re gonna be so mad…”


Fear struck your heart like a train. What had he done? What was he about to tell you? Were your fears about to be confirmed?


“Oh…what…what happened?” you said quietly, pulling your head backward to look into Oli’s eyes with furrowed brows.


“Darcy…er…Darcy kissed me…” Oli said quietly, leaning away from you in case your head exploded or something.


Your face turned immediately from concerned to completely and utterly lacking in emotion in .002 seconds. “What.” You said blankly, your head reeling. Darcy had actually kissed him? Or had they kissed? Like, was it a mutual thing? “……did you kiss her back?” you questioned quietly after a long, tension filled pause.


“What? No!…No! Oh god, no!” Oli replied, scrunching his face up in disgust and shivering slightly.


Your face broke into a disbelieving smile and you laughed harshly “So…she…she kissed you? Like… on the lips?” You were beyond the point of pissed. You were royally infuriated. Oli could tell, as he kind of pulled away slightly as he nodded, forcing himself not to laugh. “Oh my god…” you replied, chuckling softly and staring off into the distance before looking back at Oli “I’m gonna kill her. Like flat out murder her.”


“……..Oh….well, I’m pretty sure that’s a little bit illegal, love” Oli said quietly, resting his hand on your knee an squeezing it softly, “It’s…it’s not that big of a deal…It wasn’t even long enough to be even considered a kiss…I pushed her away as fast as I could…And I told he to fuck off, I don’t think she’ll try any shit again…” he could tell that his words were doing nothing to help the situation.


You knew somewhere in your mind that wanted nothing but to rip this girls throat out was irrational, but you didn’t really care. You had so much shit to handle; fan girls constantly giving you hell about being with Oli, your own fucking self esteem problems; and you didn’t have time to deal with some bitch you thought was a friend trying to kiss the boy you’d worked your ass off for.


God I can’t believe she did that!” the ironic amusement in your voice dissolved into pure anger and you balled your fists into the duvet that lay over your lap. “I mean, she’s been practically rubbing her tits in your face for weeks, but I didn’t actually think she’d do something like that!”

“Love, she wont try anything again, I promise. I made sure she got the message to fuck off…C’mon, let’s go to bed. You need to help me get the taste of her lips off mine…” Oli smirked and patted your knee before standing up and scooping you; duvet and all; into his arms. Despite being quite angry, you giggled childishly and wrapped your arms around Oli’s neck as he carried you off toward the bedroom.



Try as you might have for the next few days, you just couldn’t really get over the fact that Darcy had kissed your boyfriend. However, you tried to ignore the anger and occupy yourself with other things instead like playing video games with Oli or fucking his brains out, things of that nature.


When it came time for Oli and you to actually have to socialize to prevent the assumption that the two of you had died, you’d all but gotten over it. That is, until you showed up at the house of one of your friends and saw the boyfriend-kisser herself sitting at the kitchen’s bar. Immediately, you straightened your back, tightened your jaw, and squeezed Oli’s hand. He gave you a quick glance and tugged your hand gently before grinning and greeting everyone.


When the two of you parted ways, you headed straight to the fridge to retrieve yourself a beer. You rolled your eyes heavily as you heard your name being called by an irritatingly high pitched voice.


“Hi, Y/N!” Darcy called.


You didn’t answer as you stood up and opened your drink, turning to talk to another friend with a grin on your face; your tactic for tonight would be ignore the living hell out of Darcy. But no, she wasn’t gonna let that happen.


“Y/N!” she called again, giggling. Oh joy, she was drunk. You rolled your eyes heavily before looking over at her; she was leaning across the bar, her tits practically hanging out of her “shirt”.


“Hi, Darcy.” You greeted her shortly, forcing a smile.


She giggled once more before loudly asking your across the kitchen, her voice ringing out of the bustle of noise that the other people in the house were creating “Did you hear about me and you little boyfriend’s make-out session the other night? I bet her told you like a little prick. He said he didn’t like it but I know he did!” A number of sets of eyes turned to Darcy, and then you as she giggled, swaying about in her chair. You bit the inside of your cheek as it kind of got quiet and sighed heavily, rolling your weight into one of your hips; bitch mode: activated.


“Yeah, I heard. But from what he told me, it sounded like you were so shit at it that it didn’t last more than a second. You really should brush your teeth more, love, I could still taste your dick-breath when I fucked him that night.” you retorted, offering her a sweet smile as you took a swig of your drink. You heard small “ooh”s and “oh fuck”s as Darcy sat up straighter and scowled at you.


Oli entered the kitchen then, pure terror in his eyes as he walked toward you. Someone could have cut the tension with a motherfucking knife. “Y/N…Maybe we should…go” Oli mumbled softly as he wrapped a hand around your hip. You nodded and the two of you started making your way toward the door; the mood seemed to pick back up immediately as the volume of people’s voices increased once more. Darcy got up from her seat at the bar as the two of you walked past it, calling after you “It really is a shame, Oli, I bet I would have been a better fuck than she was” she trilled.


You halted in your tracks; that was it, you were done. Oli tried to pull you along but you would budge. Instead, you turned around slowly, twisting out of Oli’s arm, to face Darcy. You were classy; you weren’t going to fight her or anything, just maybe get her all wet and leave her. With a smile on your face, you drew the hand that held your drink backward before thrusting it forward toward Darcy, successfully sending a wave of beer straight into her face. You smiled triumphantly at the pterodactyl-like screech that Darcy emitted as she stumbled back into the chairs at the bar.


“Y/N! Shit.” Oli said, grabbing your wrist and pulling you toward the door; you could tell he was trying not to laugh like most of the others were doing. You smirked and turned to leave, only to feel a hand ball up in your hair and yank you backward. Oh no. No she wasn’t about to make you fight, was she?


“You bitch!” Darcy screeched as you cried out and ducked away from her, grabbing her wrist and yanking her hand away from your hand.


For a moment, you stood facing her, gnawing on the inside of your cheeks as you debated whether or not to lay into her. But you really didn’t have much of a choice as she lunged forward drunkenly, swinging her arms wildly. Now that it was completely for self defense, you didn’t really give a fuck about being classy. As her over-manicured nails grazed the side of your face, you cried out and shoved her backward by the shoulders, swinging your right arm upward to punch her square in the jaw.


You felt yourself being tugged backward by the waist as you saw the stunned, crying Darcy being handled the same way. You laughed and spit at Darcy as you reached up to touch your stinging face “You fight like a bitch.” You soon found yourself outside of the house and being walked to the car. With a smirk, you turned to Oli, who was staring at you with furrowed brows. Once you were both in the confines of the car, you smile disappeared and you face fell, tears immediately filling your eyes.


“Fuck” you whispered.


Oli’s hand wrapped around yours and he scooted as close as possible with the console in the way. “hey, no, don’t cry…Is your eye okay? She’s such a bitch”


“Everyone probably thinks Im the hugest bitch. I shouldn’t have done that…shit…ugh” you wiped at your eyes, trying to stop the flow of tears before your makeup started to fuck up “Yeah, um..I’m fine I just…god, Im such a bitch.”


“No. No, Y/N…you’re not, and people don’t think you are. Darcy’s the bitch. Okay? What…what you did was incredibly kick-ass and…extremely hot. I’ve never been fought over before…” Oli smirked, trying to lighten to mood.


You giggled and wiped your eyes once more, but winced when you smiled as your cheek stung. “Pervert. Shit, she’s like a fucking velocirator with those nails.” You chuckled, running your fingertips over the place where she’d scratched you as you pulled down the sun-visor and flipped open the mirror that was installed in it. There was already bruising, but the scratches weren’t too deep.


Oli chuckled and ran his hand along your thigh, resting it on your knee and squeezing “I’m sorry I let her even come close enough to kiss me…It was kind of fast and I didn’t know what was going on…”


You shook your head “No, it’s fine…I just hope you didn’t catch a disease or something…” you giggled.


Oli grinned as he settled back into his heat and pulled out of the driveway “Naw, I think I’m good. But you were right, though, she did have dick breath”

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