- No slash between band members.
- No underaged stuff
- No smut with married/engaged band members
- Detailed requests please
- If you have any more questions PLEASE ASK

I feel like Im drowning. I really want to make it in the music industry and be a singer. But the chance is so slim and I dont know how and I dont have the money for lessons or a coach or an agent. Its all I want, I want to be happy and doing what I love and getting paid for it for the rest of my life. Everyones already got it figured out and im still wanting to just be a singer or athlete. I want it all to be worth it. Im so tired of everything and hurting. I dont want to be nothing and homeless


It sounds cheesy but the best thing to do is to not give up! Your best bet for making it in the music industry is getting recognition! Maybe start up a YouTube channel? If you do, I’ll definitely subscribe and share everything you do to try and get you recognized! Also, maybe start Savin up money for lessons?
As for being an athlete, maybe get involved in sports at school if you aren’t already. Train hard and try for scholarships at college!
It’s okay not to have it figured out yet, everyone takes a different amount of time. Just take a deep breath and put your all into it.
You have control over how your life goes, so take the wheel and steer it toward what you want :)

need any help with something? I’ll do my best to give you the advice you need! :)

I'm pretty sure I have an ED. From what I've read online, my binge eating and exessive dieting is a form of bullimia. My dad does the same thing, and my mom tends to eat her feelings. I'm scared that it's genetic and that they won't believe me. I've lost a significant amount to weight in the past year, which I'm pretty sure is linked to that. I'm just super scared at the moment, tbh.


I think the best thing to do is talk to a doctor. They can help you determine exactly what’s happening with you and refer you to someone or something that can help regulate your diet. It’s okay to be scared, you need to worry about your body like that. It’s not healthy why you’re doing and I really think you need to see a doctor love. Please talk to your parents about it if you feel like you’re in danger okay? They probably worry about you too :)

if you guys have and troubles or questions about anything at all, I’m always ready to help on my advice blog :)


if jaime preciado’s singing voice doesn’t have you feelin’ some type of way then u can get out of my face

y’all I’m bored at school so if y’all have any questions or need any advice about anything, feel free to pop over to my advice blog and ask :)

- R

hello! do you do 5sos imagines? it's okay if you don't , I just wanted to know! xx

I personally know nothing about the members, but nanna might :)

I’m sorry, I don’t write about 5sos.

- Nanna. 

How do I submit a request? Is it just through Ask?

Yes, it’s through the ask. 



hello! you're probably super busy and you probably dont do this kind of thing much, but I kinda //just now// started this blog and I have literally no followers or R E Q U E S T S **glares at non existing followers** and I was wonderin' if you could give me a lil shout out thing? I love your blog btw, yall are amazing writers

sure thing! check it out, guys!

When requests are open my heart does the little flippy thing


2300 of y’all and there’s one request in the inbox what is this

guess whos writingggggggggg


y’all feel free to request anything! try and make it fun and interesting!

You're an amazing writer wow

thank you!

Jaime Preciado Imagine: Candlelight Dinner


Could you do a Jaime imagine where it’s 2am and you’re just about to go to sleep and he arrives home to the house you guys share and drags you to McDonald’s or some random place for food and tells you he’s got some good news. xx

Written by make-a-wish-band-imagines.

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So I made the advice blog

It’s suuuuper unfinished and it’s a work in progress, but feel free to give it a follow and start shooting me questions that you’ve got, I’d love to help you angels out with anything you need!

- R