- No slash between band members.
- No underaged stuff
- No smut with married/engaged band members
- Detailed requests please
- If you have any more questions PLEASE ASK

Are you still looking for a guest writer?


Vic Fuentes Imagine: I Cherish My American Girl

you’re vic’s girlfriend. he takes you with him on tour during the winter (to canada or smth). you’ve never been out of california before and you’re freezing all the time. you steal every hoodie/jacket/sweater/beanie that is left unattended. the guys think it’s funny cause they’ve tried it before. vic think’s it’s cute and just lots of cuddles and kisses to help warm you up.

- Written by roar1ofthecrowd.

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hey! what requests do you have at the moment?

about a million, give or take

Josh Franceschi Imagine: Pulled out of Your Mouth


Could you do a Josh Franceschi one? Maybe where you are the lead singer of a band, too. You guys decide to tour together because you never see each other. Like, you are hanging out with your and his band on a day off and just fluff?

A/N: I hope this is good enough. I tried super hard and it’s been a few months since I wrote. 

- Written by 

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Alex Gaskarth Imagine: In Sickness and in Health


Hey, could I have an Alex Gaskarth imagine where he’s sick with a bad cold and you’re taking care of him? Thank youu :)

- Written by dr-harry-brides

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Looking for guest writers


Due to lack of inspiration, I would like to ask if anyone would like to write a fic or two? We have more than enough requests to go around.

We’re not interested in a full on co-writer, but if you would like to write a fic, send me and ask and we can talk details. You’ll get full credit for your work of course. 

Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. it’s cause I’ve been spending a lot of time with my boyfriend cause we’re in that gooey honeymoon phase, which will pass I’m sure. But yeah I’ve been engaging in some p distracting activities and haven’t found the time to sit down and write. I’m sorry bbs!

Sorry if this is stupid but when you say no smut with, married or engaged band members do you mean married or engaged in real life or in the story married or engaged to someone ? Sorry if this is stupidxx

There are no stupid questions :)

We don’t write smut involving people that are married or engaged in real life. 

THIS ISNT A REQUEST, IM SORRY FOR WASTING YOUR TIME WITH THIS QUESTION D: do you do personal imagines? I was just wondering. Also, thanks for the imagine blog tips :) ur blog is fantastic, I hope u have a good day :)

you’re welcome and you’re not wasting my time :) 

by personal, you mean with your name and appearance? at the moment we do not. we have written some in the past, but we don’t at the moment. 

i hope you have a great day too! 

Austin Carlile Imagine: Missing You


Could I have one where you (Nicole) if you take names it’s totally cool if you don’t. she is a makeup artist and she was away in Europe for a few mounts and her boyfriend austin carlile is super excited to see her :) you have total creative freedom!!

This kind of took a different direction that I originally planned… I really hope you still like it. Love, Lily

- Written by make-a-wish-band-imagines

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Promo time!

Lily is awesome and filled a request for us (which I will post in a bit). She’s got her own imagine blog and is currently taking requests and she’s also doing ships! 

Head on over to her blog and give it a look

Austin Carlile Imagine: Bite My Tongue


can you do an austin carlile imagine where you’re on tour with him and he proposes to you on stage? and what makes it more emotional is that you have always gotten hate from the fans but when he proposes to you, they’re isn’t a single boo in the crowd and you’re finally accepted by his fans. ♥♥ thanksss! i love your blog soooo much c:

- Written by roar1ofthecrowd

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Austin Carlile Imagine: My Love, My Love


Hey ok so austin imagine? Can you do a proposal when they’ve been together a while and it’s her birthday or something but like they’re in bed midnight on her birthday and he wakes her wishing her happy birthday and it’s just super cute, then he asks her to come downstairs for a surprise and he’s got flowers and candles and then he proposes and just a lot of fluff? And then can you like forward to when they’re married and she’s telling him she’s pregnant? Sorry if this sucks. :)

- Written by roar1ofthecrowd

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Could you please tips me about some good fanfic / imagine blogs? 🐼

can I get a ship please? I'm 5'4 with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. My friends say that I have puffy cheeks :) I love books, music and TV shows. Oh, and I also like anime and that stuff :P thank you!

Jeremy McKinnon aw puffy cheeks and big eye would make cute bbs